Optimal Health & Wellness is a premium natural nutrition brand that is focused on operating with the utmost commitment to:

  1. Absolute honesty and integrity
  2. Upholding high standards
  3. Providing superior customer satisfaction

With these core values at the heart of all operations at Optimal Health, our already superior product quality, purity, level of potency, and overall effectiveness, are continually being improved upon in order to offer our customers the best possible experience.

Our team consists of a select group of devoted, enthusiastic and hard-working members, who consciously make decisions and choices based on the best interest of our customers and the core values of Optimal Health & Wellness.

Our Process

Our dietary supplements are made in the USA and are only manufactured in FDA Registered & Inspected facilities, which operate under strict Quality Controls, are GMP Certified, and which require Third-Party Testing for all production runs.

Our Focus, and the same also of our select manufacturing partner Ion Labs:

Quality First!

Better Ingredients, Better Products!

Through our unending dedication to continued improvement at Optimal Health & Wellness, we pride ourselves on doing whatever it takes to ensure an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction to each and every one of our clients. This is just one of the many reasons why we continue to see high volumes of returning customers.

Optimal Advantage

We Are Here For You!

About Our Company Optimal Health & Wellness is a premium producer and distributor of all-natural dietary and nutritional supplements for detoxing & cleansing, weight loss, blood pressure & heart health, brain function, immune system support, metabolism & energy and general wellness & beauty.

Optimal Health is dedicated to unrivalled product quality and exceptional customer satisfaction...

...and redefining the word integrity.

It’s a core value that shapes Optimal Health’s daily commitment to proudly deliver products that are of the highest potency, purity and effectiveness… safe and free of side effects… and why countless clients all come back again and again.

Better Ingredients for Optimal Health & Wellness It comes down to what’s called the "therapeutic dose."

It’s shocking how often some companies will use a tiny amount of some "hot new ingredient" just to say it’s in their formula—and completely ignore the minimum dose proven effective in clinical studies. When this happens, a customer unfortunately pays three steep prices: the loss of hard-earned money, disappointment over a product that didn’t work and a health condition that goes unchanged... and that’s just not right.

Why We Do What We Do Striving to live a happier, healthier lifestyle is a choice we support and salute… and indeed breathe each day as a team of dedicated professionals with a wide background in health and wellness. As such, we’re totally committed to helping our customers achieve their goals by being a trusted partner they can rely on to consistently deliver potent, industry-leading health products. That’s why Optimal Health & Wellness only uses the very best ingredients (meaning no additives or animal byproducts)... in only the most advanced forms and concentrations... in 100% all-natural formulations at the recommended therapeutic dose—so customers can experience the same results as those achieved in the clinical studies.

At Optimal Health & Wellness, it’s not just about saying you can trust our products to deliver effective results safely, naturally and affordably… or that all our products are rigorously held to strict quality control in FDA-registered manufacturing facilities operating under GMP guidelines.

It’s about giving you the proof in every bottle.

That’s the Optimal Advantage, all backed by world-class customer support.

We’re Always Here for You Our professional Customer Service Team is always ready to answer your calls or emails about any of the products we offer. They are pleased to help customers get the most from their purchases.

Please Note: All Optimal Health & Wellness products yield the best results when taken in appropriate doses as part of a comprehensive health regimen that includes a healthy diet, daily exercise and adequate sleep.